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The moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses


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Full Moon

                                                                                     Developing awareness of our thought patterns, our beliefs in the current moment and the current

                                                                             chapter in our life helps us grow, giving us the ability to make deliberate, determined steps physically,

                                                                     emotionally or both.  This awareness assists us in identifying looping thought processes, possible self deflating

                                                        or self sabotaging patterns that maybe hindering our ability to develop positive goals, seek new careers, discover new beginnings, or take the leap and go on a trip you have dreamt about. We may notice issues, relationships or beliefs we wish to be done with or wish to deal with in a healthier way. Our Archer In The sk2y New Moon and Full Moon Box Ceremonies are powerful tools to help you identify paths you are ready to embark upon or maybe you’re ready to release the old and reset your intentions in a positive, new direction or maybe the ceremonies give you a chance to see the positive within yourself helping you in your continued growth.  


We are just so excited that you have allowed us to be apart of your journey.

Why should You consider subscribing to our

archer in the sk2y

moon box?

What is in Our

Archer in the sk2y 

Moon box?

... Paper

This paper is handmade from Nepal and is embedded with seeds within the paper which are harvested from the Daphine Bush found high in the mountains of Nepal. This environmentally sound paper is acid free and supports a sustainable cottage industry. This paper can be directly planted into the dirt, in a pot, or garden. Once seeds are established, you may enjoy the flowers for years to come.

Wildflower seeds included: Snapdragon, Petunia, Beardtongue, Daisy, Thyme, Poppy, Foxglove, Catchfly, Maiden Pinks, Chamomile


    On the seeded paper, in every moon box we provide you a custom drawn Mandala that

to help heighten with the corresponding astrology overview leading into the New and

Full Moon. The mandala is an important component of our moon box design as it is a

peaceful meditative tool to help bring your mind and body into awareness assisting in

centering your focus on the now and present moment.  Mandalas have a beautiful, rich history

used throughout the centuries to help navigate our minds as we begin to go within,

understanding ourselves and helping to create a safe place from our own personal judgements

and external judgements which may hinder our abilities to connect with ourself.     

It has been suggested through clinical trials that meditation may help to boost the immune system,

help reduce pain and stress, lower blood pressure, ease depression and promote sleep.  

We hope you enjoy this part of your moon box as well as the beautiful healing from your meditation practice.

... Mandala


... Fire flying paper

                                                 Write It.

                                             This paper allows the you to set intentions, a dream, a          

                                                desire, an ambition. Writing on your paper and letting the universe                                                        know, letting yourself know and helping you visualize actions you

                                               want to happen.

                                               Light It. Watch It Fly!

                                   By lighting the paper, your intentions is consumed in a small flame and                            at the last moment, the it will rise up into the sky letting your intensions free.

... Dissolve paper

dissolve paper.jpg

Write it.

This paper allows you to ask for release from your life helping you set free from

areas in your life that may be holding you back and giving you a visualization

of your request(s) dissolving away.

Dissolve it.

Let go of any weighted pressure you may feel while working towards your goals,

let go of those things stagnating your personal growth allowing you to feel lighter

and you helping you to move forward.

...set up your space

Aromatheapy Oils
Spa Bath Salt
Polished Stones

    Each moon box also includes a customized

        essential oil, bath salt, aromatherapy incense,

           candle, and a crystal.  

          These beautiful pieces are all to help

      enhance your New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies.

...Guide your new moon

    & full moon ceremonies

  The Archer In The sk2y box brings a helpful astrological overview on the current activities in the moon phases, helping to give you insight and guidance into energies that may come into your month.  We also

provide you a suggested meditation music to listen to while you conduct your moon ceremonies as well a mantra to say and focus

your energy.

Hanging Typography Posters
Documentary Poster
Sheet Music

...chandra namaskar (Moon Salutation)Yoga

Our Chandra Namaskar (or Moon Salutation) is designed to  help bring a complete chakra balance as you go into your new moon and full moon ceremonies.  Chandra Namaskar is best done at night when the

moon is visible and since the practice of our Moon Salutation is about

cooling your body and its various systems including the chakras, you may notice it helps to ease and comfort the stress levels in your body thereby reducing the anxiety levels.  By helping to bring balance to your body, this 

will help you as you explore your intentions and releases for each ceremony.

Moon Salutation.JPG


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